I am a reputable, hobby breeder of the truly great Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and occasionally, the Mastiff. I am dedicated to the preservation and betterment of these mon-umental breeds. Located on the central coast of California--nestled within the Monterey Bay--these special dogs thrive in the warmth of the California sun and the natural cooling of the coastal fog.
     Swissies, as they're affectionately called by the dog fancy, make wonderful, all-around farm dogs. Their ancestors originated in Switzerland where they were valued as carting dogs and drovers of livestock, as well as for their affinity for human companionship.
     The Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds on record. Originally bred for guarding castles and protecting their master, this breed has been fine-tuned by breeders throughout the years to be more socially acceptable, as compared to their more fierce predecessors. They should be confident and outgoing. 
     The Swissy is generally an intelligent, strong-willed yet kind soul, that revels in the company of man and beast. Only in the hands of nurturing human companions are they able to realize a full life filled with love, compassion and a sense of belonging that is unparalleled in the animal kingdom.



Au Reult Swissy, Vallhunds (aka Suddanly) -- North Carolina

Brush Creek Farm -- Missouri

Shadetree -- Virginia

Liberty Run Kennel -- Oklahoma

RamsGate -- Oregon

Whispering Palm's -- Florida

RODEO -- California

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